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Industry faces a 133 million tonne shortfall by 2030

Latest industry insights highlight the urgent need for fashion brands to increase use of raw materials with a lower environmental impact, like regeneratively farmed cotton and recycled polyester, to meet decarbonization targets and comply with upcoming sustainability regulations. Without proactive steps, the industry faces a 133 million tonne shortfall by 2030, according to a new analysis by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Textile Exchange and Quantis.

Key insights:

  • Supply of lower impact raw materials will need to dramatically increase by 2030 for the industry to align with incoming regulation and decarbonisation commitments.

  • But without greater investment and commitment from brands there will not be a sufficient increase in production of fibres like regenerative cotton or recycled polyester.

  • At present, the industry is facing a 133 million tonne shortfall by the end of the decade, according to new analysis by BCG, Textile Exchange and Quantis.

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