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GREEN TAB with Organic Stretch™

Organic Stretch™ is a mechanical stretch technology designed for 100%

Cotton-Woven fabrics.  It provides an ultra-comfortable stretch combined

with the natural softness of cotton without the use of any spandex.  Fabrics

with Organic Stretch™ technology move with your body for a full range

of movement while providing superior breath-ability and comfort.

Easy Care Performance.

The Organic Stretch™ technology offers superior easy-care performance

for consumers busy lifestyles.  Unlike traditional stretch fabrics, those with

Organic Stretch™ technology will not loose their elasticity, even after

tumble-drying or ironing.  Organic Stretch™ fabrics hold color even

exposed to chlorine in wash water, keeping the garments looking as

good as new.  Cotton being a natural fiber ensures there are no issues

with static cling.

Technical Advantage.

Several steps are eliminated during the engineering of

Organic Stretch™ fabrics, such as core spinning and heat-setting.

The process of heat-setting can cause the fabric to loose elasticity if not

processed at the right time or temperature and causes spandex

to 'yellow'.  Only 100% Cotton Organic Stretch™ technology allows the

development of durable, comfortable stretch without the use of

elastometric yarns.


Registered + IP Right Certified

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