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GREEN TAB launches Bond financing

Updated: Mar 3

On 27 July 2023 GREEN TAB has begun offering solutions to support a bank issued bond or provide a bond directly to clients under its FINANCE service. This service is available to clients who are prepared to comply with the sourcing policies and use the sustainability technologies developed by GREEN TAB in their own consumer facing operations and brands.

Currently available financial products:

Advance payment bonds: Security for advance payment under contract Performance bonds: Assurance that the products meet obligations under contract, allowing call on the bond to reduce losses Warranty bonds: Loss protection under contract post completion US surety bonds: Surety bond from our registered US surety bond issuer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

"The benefit of a Component Business Model is that aspects of the model can be made available to strategically partnered enterprises where your process is optimising somthing non-core to them. In this case we have a supply chain that is best in class, and can offer finance to align cashflow and expense of strategically partnered enterprise - allowing the commercialisation of sustainability technologies that may have been prohibitive to cost sensitive, large scale, retailers and brands" David Connolly said.

"Organic Stretch™ is a mechanical stretch technology designed for 100% Cotton-Woven fabrics. It provides ultra-comfortable stretch combined with the natural softness of cotton without the use of any spandex. We have initially tested this for use in consumer denim markets where spandex based stretch materials are extensively used in denim jeans" David Connolly said.

"Organic Stretch™ is a superior approach to non-cotton alternatives, such as the variety of options being developed from wood fibres - even when viewed through the full supply chain lense this comment holds true. We are developing prototype jeans which will be provided to a number of customers for trial and review" David Connolly said.

"Being a 100% Cotton fabric the Organic Stretch™ material is fully recycleable and will not produce microplastics into waterways at any stage in its life" David Connolly said.

Storm Cotton™ and Tough Cotton™ technologies are specifically able to achieve performance outcomes such as making cotton, a natural fibre, as water repellant as plastic or increasing the Trucker Jacket usable life by 30x" David Connolly said.

"Storm Cotton™ testing involves applying volumes of surface water to the garment whilst deteoriating the performance of the garment through washing with chemicals. The objective is to observe the initial anticipated repellency, of about 95%, deteriorate with each wash to ensure the performance technologies are applied correctly. Tough Cotton™ testing is a simple process of physical deteoriation of the garment until it becomes abraded. Both processes involve control samples which allow the test to observe the natural performance of cotton in parrellel" David Connolly said.

GREEN TAB is a fashion and technology company dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability and excellence.

In 2020 the Executive of GREEN TAB, using a 227kg bale of cotton, defined sourcing policies that see the acquisition of cotton from highly efficient farms in favor of those using traditional dryland techniques to achieve a 500% more water efficient supplier bale.

In 2020 the Executive of GREEN TAB, using a 1kg Denim Trucker Jacket, defined sourcing policies that see the delivery of a Trucker Jacket using 522 litre's less water.

GREEN TAB is a 100% online brand using best in class demand generation, sales acquisition, capacity forecasting and world class logistics planning. GREEN TAB delivers a highly sustainable operating model, globally, Online will remain focussed on its mission to seek and sell the worlds leading Trucker Jackets and accessories.

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