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NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED TO DOCUMENT EXAMPLES OF FASHION GREENWASHING: A new website will highlight “rampant greenwashing” in the fashion industry. The website includes numerous examples of greenwashing by brands such as H&MBoohoo Group PLCASOS.comZalandoPrimarkPUMA Group and adidas was launched at #londonfashionweek and is backed by Changing Markets Foundation , Extinction Rebellion , People Tree founder Safia Minney, MBE FRSA and climate campaigner Bel Jacobs FRSA

The launch comes amid the findings of a new YouGuv poll in which three quarters (74 per cent) of UK consumers said they distrust or are uncertain about green claims made by fashion brands. aims to, "outline fashion’s greenwashing problem by showing consumers just how widespread it is across products, adverts and projects from brands."

The website launch follows wider controversy around Fashion Week’s environmental impact, with Pretty Little Thing’s runway show coming under scrutiny for the brand's treatment of garment workers and production rate of clothes.

Said George Harding-Rolls, campaigns adviser at the Changing Markets Foundation: “When fashion brands greenwash it’s more than just marketing. Greenwashing dupes customers into thinking they’re making sustainable choices when they’re not.

"Worse still, greenwashing can deceive us into thinking that progress is being made and prevents systemic action to alter the destructive trajectory of the fashion industry. Currently, the industry is critically unregulated, creating an open playing field for fashion brands to greenwash with few consequences."

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