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How Adidas, Asics, and Other Shoemakers Deal With Waste

More than 50 billion shoes get made every year. Big manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and Asics make them durable enough to last for hundreds of miles. But this also makes them very difficult to recycle. One Dutch company says it's figured out a way around this by breaking down and repurposing every part of the shoe.

0:01 - Intro

0:39 - Anatomy of a Shoe

1:17 - How to Recycle Shoes

2:58 - The FFG Entrepreneurs

3:48 - Asics

4:38 - Adidas Ocean Plastic Sneaker

5:09 - Adidas Futurecraft Loop

5:37 - Algae Flip-Flops

7:19 - Plastic Bag Sneakers

10:21 - New Uses for Old Sneakers

11:27 - The Pormes Family

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