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Most Egyptian Cotton Is Fake.

Sheets made with Egyptian cotton can cost over $900 — but not all cotton is created equal. Many products use the term “Egyptian cotton,” but experts say there isn’t enough Egyptian cotton grown to actually make all of the products that claim to use it. A lot of the Egyptian cotton you see online may be fake.

The highest-quality Egyptian cotton is called “extra-long staple.” The fibers are longer, resulting in softer, more durable fabrics.

00:00 - Intro

00:39 - Growing Cotton in the Nile River Delta

01:36 - Picking cotton by hand

02:06 - Extra-long staple cotton vs. upland

03:18 - Fake Egyptian cotton pulled from stores

04:19 - Processing cotton

05:04 - Winding and spinning cotton strands

06:12 - Weaving cotton

06:55 - Creating products from Egyptian Cotton

07:44 - The price of Egyptian Cotton

08:50 - The future of the cotton industry

09:53 - How to buy real Egyptian Cotton

10:23 - Credits

Giza 92

- Highest quality

- Hand harvested

- Pickers harvest 15-20kgs per day

- Extra long staple cotton

Upland Cotton: Gossypium hirsutum

Extra long staple Cotton: Gossypium Barbadense

Giza 96

- Next most premium

Giza 95

- Not as long staple length


- ELS cotton grown in the United States

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