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FibreTrace® MAPPED launches 17th of January 2023

Since we last got in touch, we shared news of FibreTrace® MAPPED, our free* digital traceability solution launching on the 17th of January 2023. The platform is an advanced digital traceability solution which maps the global textile supply chain from fibre to retail. MAPPED will be free* to the industry, because we believe transparency shouldn’t cost the earth.

The shift in consumer consumption behaviours and growing demands for greater ethical and environmental responsibility has been a key driver for change. 60% of fashion consumers want more transparency about the production journey of their clothes and more than 40% of consumers surveyed in the U.S., more than 50% in Europe, and almost 70% in China say they want access to more information about how their clothes were made (Avery Dennison, December 2021, ‘Digital Consumer Behaviour Report’).

Governments and governing bodies are listening, and transparency has become a priority on political agendas and legislative development from the USA’s FABRIC Act to the UNECE’s The Sustainability Pledge.

The world is demanding tighter regulation and FibreTrace® MAPPED enables the industry to create a future that champions sustainable and ethical creation and consumption.

From January 17th the platform will go live, allowing all registered users to start digitally mapping their supply chain.

Register for FibreTrace® MAPPED to receive news, updates and be the first to access platform signup, head to today.

*Register at to receive free access to FibreTrace® MAPPED with 100,000 digital audit credits (more than enough to map out a full collection) valid until 31st December 2023. From 1st January 2024 there will be a US$125 fee per month which includes an allocation of 50,000 digital audit credits valid for a 12 month period. Alternatively customers will have the option to hold a continued free of charge account, with a limit of 500 digital audit credits per annum.

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