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GREEN TAB Brand site launch

Updated: Mar 3 has launched its in house brand GREEN TAB subsequent to two and a half years of development.

“My interest in Sustainable Fashion peaked in earnest in September 2017 while I was a Trade Delegate to China for Blockchain. I was involved in the trade delegation as a Technologist and company leader, the overall mission to build a dialogue about standards, use cases, legal frameworks and pervasive use of the technology." David Connolly said.

GREEN TAB is a fashion and technology company dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability and excellence.

In 2020 the Executive of GREEN TAB, using a 227kg bale of cotton, defined sourcing policies that see the acquisition of cotton from highly efficient farms in favor of those using traditional dryland techniques to achieve a 500% more water efficient supplier bale.

In 2020 the Executive of GREEN TAB, using a 1kg Denim Trucker Jacket, defined sourcing policies that see the delivery of a Trucker Jacket using 522 litre's less water.

GREEN TAB is a 100% online brand using best in class demand generation, sales acquisition, capacity forecasting and world class logistics planning. GREEN TAB delivers a highly sustainable operating model, globally, Online will remain focussed on its mission to seek and sell the worlds leading Trucker Jackets and accessories.

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