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The Plastic Leak Project

The Plastic Leak Project (PLP Guidelines (Peano et al. 2020)) are an outcome of the PLP multi-stakeholder initiative convened by Quantis and EA to develop better metrics to help shape operational solutions and effective actions to address the plastic pollution crisis.

The PLP provides a methodology as well as supporting data to enable companies to perform a plastic leakage assessment of their product, service and/or organization. It includes guidance for calculating micro- and macro-plastic leakage quantities at each life cycle stage and at product and corporate levels, ultimately for including them in a comprehensive multi-indicator environmental assessment.

Four plastic leakage routes are covered to date:

1. Plastic products and packaging (due to waste mismanagement)

2. Textiles (due to textile washing)

3. Transport (due to tire abrasion)

4. Pellet production

Download PDF • 1.26MB

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