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COTTON LEADS: Sustainable Cotton in USA & AU

Cotton LEADS is a program born out of partnership between the Australian and U.S. cotton industries. The goal: engage and connect businesses across the global supply chain with the leading efforts in sustainable cotton sourcing and production.

We connect textile manufacturers, brands and retailers with opportunities to support our cotton growers’ sustainability efforts and to share data, resources and technologies globally for the benefit of improving cotton around the world. By supporting research and best practices through the Cotton LEADS program, companies help expand the global supply of sustainably produced cotton.


Our mission is to advance sustainable cotton sourcing and production. Through the Cotton LEADS program, this can be done without adding costs and complexity to downstream users in the supply chain. We promote research and practices that weave sustainability into all aspects of sustainable cotton sourcing and production. We share resources and best practices to improve cotton production worldwide.

This approach is an effective way to drive large-scale, continuous improvements that are accessible to the greatest number of cotton growers and downstream businesses.



When you choose the Cotton LEADS supply of cotton from the United States or Australia, you can have confidence your raw material is sustainably produced, whether it’s upland or pima, conventionally or organically grown.

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